An Entire Recruitment Process, Online

Advertise Positions

Recruiter connects all hiring staff when requesting authorisation to advertise a position. Your staff can quickly create a request to advertise a position and then forward details of the request through to their managers. Alerts are sent by email to let staff know when actions are required, and managers can log into Recruiter at any time to quickly see where the hiring process is up to.

Accept Applications Online

Once authorised, a position advertisement appears on your own, fully-branded jobs site with the click of a button. Applicants use this site to search for jobs, set up job alerts, and upload application information to use for future applications.

Rate and Select Candidates

Applications are automatically distributed to staff involved in the hiring campaign once an advertisement closes. Unsuccessful applicants can be messaged at each step in the process, application and short-listing forms can be created electronically, and short-listing and recommendation forms can be generated for applications that are successful.


Recruiter can automatically send the details of positions to those external parties you may have helping you with your recruitment. Position details can be sent to Advertising or Relocations Coordinators, or you can automatically email individuals or groups within your organisation when an offer of employment is made or accepted. Recruiter also integrates your organisation with a recruitment agency; it enables you to profile roles on your job site, while directing them to the recruitment agency for information.

Talent Management Tools

ImpelHR Recruiter includes tools to help you find, and keep, the best person for the job.

Advertise Vacancies Internally, First

Assist in retaining current staff by advising them of new vacancies first. Vacancies can be advertised ‘internally’ on their own jobs site before being seen by the rest of the world. Build a reputation for providing opportunities for staff growth by advertising vacancies internally before they’re seen elsewhere.

Rate Applications

Questions can be added to position advertisements and used to rate the quality of applications. These questions can require ‘hard’ (quantitative) answers or ‘soft’ free-text responses and automatically appear in the online application process, on generated application forms, etc.

Build a Pool of Talent

Applicants can elect to join the Talent Pool when they make an application through your jobs site. Once their personal details and uploaded documents are indexed your staff can find and contact the good quality candidates you’ve seen in the past.

Management Reports

Recruiter includes standard reports to help you measure the performance of your hiring process;

  • Position Exposure
  • Position Transition Time
  • Position Vacancy Duration
  • Online Efficacy
  • Number of Applications Received
  • Gender & Ethnicity Breakdowns
  • Offers Accepted
  • etc.

Customised for You

We realise that all organisations are different so we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring Recruiter can be configured to fit your specific processes.

Your jobs site will be customised to look and feel like a part of your website, your logos appear on forms and in letters and the system is configured to reflect your particular decision-making hierarchy and geography.


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