About ImpelHR

Founded in 2004, ImpelHR produces Recruiter, a simple, web-based Recruitment Management System that is tailored to the needs of the tertiary education market. We think we can help larger organizations recruit staff more efficiently by automating large parts of their recruitment processes, while still treating job seekers humanely and with respect.

Recruiter makes it easy for staff in larger organizations to work together to raise recruitment requests and route those requests through all the decision-makers necessary to get a job advertised. And once a job is ‘live’ and receiving applications, Recruiter keeps all the applications together to make the processes of short-listing, selecting and communicating with applicants fast and easy.

Contact Us – We’re Real!

Phone: +64 21 022 18 200
Twitter: @ImpelHR

The Founder

My name is Alan Howard (LinkedIn), and I’ve been building and maintaining Recruiter since 2000. In the past I’ve built performance and risk management systems, staff survey tools, employee satisfaction systems, and tools for managing aircraft maintenance. I’ve also been a past Head of Development for New Zealand’s most successful Internet company, Trade Me. I love building products that other people can use.

The Product

Recruiter is simple and usable, and focuses on function over features.  It’s not a full HRIS, it doesn’t profess to be a Payroll System, or a Social Media Management Tool, or a ‘Viral Human Capital Acquisition System’. It just helps people be better hiring mangers. It’s a simple system that anyone can understand in minutes.

I’m not a university, can I use Recruiter?

Recruiter grew up in the tertiary education space but recruitment processes are pretty similar in other areas. Contact us and we’ll fire up an account so you can have a play.

If you have suggestions for this site, or comments about Recruiter, please email us or talk to us at @ImpelHR on Twitter.