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Friendly URLs for advertised positions

Friendly URLs are now supported for positions advertised on your jobs site. This means that instead of advertising and linking to a job using a URL like http://<your-jobs-site>/PositionDetail.aspx?p=12345, the URL now looks like http://<your-jobs-site>/G067-13YY/senior-lecturer-in-computer-science – that’s just the name of your jobs site followed by the reference number and position title. URLs in this format […]

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Job ad URLs are now visible from within Recruiter

Job ad URLs are now displayed at the top of a position details page when a job gets advertised. A job still appears on your jobs site automatically, but say you want to send a link to the job to someone in an email, or you need to insert a job’s URL into other media. […]

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Image of job description document upload section

Attaching job description documents

Up until now you’ve been able to maintain a library of job description templates in Recruiter (accessible via the admin pages). When you create a new position, you select one of these templates and then customize it for the specific role you’re advertising. This ‘free-text’ job description is then used to create the ‘Reply pack’ […]

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Read-only guest users section image

Free read-only guest user access

In December 2012 we quietly rolled out a few small enhancements to make your lives even easier. The first we called ‘Read-only guest user access’ and is intended to make it easier to open Recruiter up to casual users (those that don’t need permanent access). Why are casual users useful? Say you’re putting together a […]

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Position details page

Ad and Job Description page improvements

The ‘New position request’ pages in Recruiter have had a bit of a brush up – it’s now easier to enter the ad and job description for a new position you’re advertising. The Position Details page has been tidied up so that’s it nicer to look at and easier to use, but more importantly we’ve […]

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Email templates index page

Adding custom email templates to Recruiter

You can now add custom email templates to Recruiter. At the moment their use is limited to creating position workflow reminder emails but we will be extending them to other uses soon. These templates can contain the full range of replaceable position, application and system data tokens. From Admin > Email templates, click the Add an email template link in the sidebar: Complete the […]

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Workflow reminders list

Reduce hiring time with workflow reminders

When you’re responsible for a recruitment process that spans staff in many departments it can be difficult making sure the whole process runs quickly and smoothly. Delays increase your time-to-hire and allow excellent candidates to be snapped up elsewhere. A simple reminder to reduce hiring time Workflow reminders speed up your recruitment process by emailing […]

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Screenshot showing the application state update success message

UI improvements, document uploads for manual applications, and more

We’re hard at work improving Recruiter’s look ‘n’ feel and have just released some minor changes to make your hiring workflow even smoother. Super state feedback Now when you change an application’s state you’ll see a pretty green ‘success’ message at the top of the page, just like when you change a position’s state. We […]

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Screenshot of HTML position state transition email in Gmail

Send email as HTML

With this latest update you can send HTML versions of 17 state transition emails (HTML support for other emails is coming soon). Sending an email as HTML is simple. Just click the ‘Send as HTML’ option when editing the template and the HTML-specific controls will appear. Format the body of the email using Markdown (click […]

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More update goodness

Just in case you thought we’d gone quiet for some reason, here’s the skinny on the latest changes to Recruiter. Although there’s nothing truly ‘big bang’ in here, we have rolled out some nice little tweaks to make your lives easier. Token replacement in email and form templates This is probably the big one. For […]

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